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Wade and Janet McGuinn made a recent trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to visit with (7) seven of our university students in the Next Generation Program. This is what they had to say about the trip:

Our visit with the students was encouraging and informative. They continue to amaze us with their ability to succeed, in spite of their circumstances. We enjoyed dinner together and discussed some things that we could help them with. Dieuces Chery shared with us that he is very homesick. He said that he hasn’t seen his family in a very long time, since moving to PAP for school. We asked him to give us a budget how much it would cost to travel home to Jeremie. In response, he told us that it is $40.00 for the, approximately 6 hour, bus trip to his home. While we focus on their education, we realize that keeping their spirits up, can go a long way in their ability to be successful in school. One of the students, Yvon Sarah, who does not have a sponsor, shared his concern for his ability to continue school. I told him that God knows of someone who can help, we just don’t know who they are yet. In anticipation that God would meet his needs, he wrote the following letter (his English is very good):

Hello, my name is Yvon Sarah, I am Haitian. I was born in Roseaux. My birthday is 27 March, 1991. My father is dead when I was still a little boy. Now, I am a student at University Quisqueya. I am studying engineer since 2012. I would like to graduate in civil engineer, so I would be very happy to have you as sponsor. I am so proud that I am a student of Next Generation. I would like to thank you for the donation you give to Next Generation. I pray God to keep you well, to protect you and bless you.

Love for you, Yvon Sarah